Hotel-Vision is building a whole new platform for the hospitality Industry with a new Virtual Hotel from the ground up. An immersive walkthrough virtual tour, allowing anyone to walk through the digital twin and look around as though they’re really there.

For more information and to get involved early please email us on

Hotel Layout: Hotel Entrance, Lobby, Reception, Restaurant, Bar, Restroom, Maintenance room, Outdoor area, Hallways, 4 rooms, 4 bathrooms and showers and Terrace area

Suppliers: Pick a room relevant to you and you will have the option to choose from a generic product on video to link to your company website. Limited products will be alocated to the suppliers.

Visitors: This will make life a lot more visual for you when looking to purchase a product from a supplier. You will be able to click on a room and have a full walkthrough of that room to see the products available to you.

Here are some examples of my idea and more info of how it works 360 Video