BAUSCHER offers stylish porcelain concepts for the food service and catering market

BAUSCHER offers stylish porcelain concepts for the food service and catering market

Trendy eye-catchers, natural materials and sustainable solutions

By using highlight pieces, porcelain specialist BAUSCHER adds attractive accents for food presentations in the hotel and restaurant sector. With two asymmetrical bowls, a plate in a simple, purist design and classic bowls, the Purity Specials additions to the collection respond to current trends in an aesthetically elegant manner. The Sandstone pattern skillfully satisfies the desire for naturalness and individuality: the porcelain in an exquisite stone look is a remarkable eye-catcher. A multitude of different combinations to masterfully draw attention to the food creations is feasible, especially when paired with products from the Playground trend range.

Attractive, modern coffee-to-go cups from hard porcelain offer mobile indulgence with genuine sustainability. That’s how BAUSCHER makes tasteful and eco-friendly consumption of hot drinks possible even while out and about.

Attention-grabbing accents: Purity Specials expands the successful collection

Whether traditional ramen creations, colorful veggie variations or the latest superfood ideas – the trend of serving meals in bowls has taken the restaurant and catering sector by storm. Porcelain specialist BAUSCHER responds to these types of meal presentations with classic bowls from Purity Specials. They not only offer flexibility for serving, but also enable relaxed enjoyment when standing. For this reason, they are the perfect solution at receptions and events, especially where stimulating conversation is the focus. Since the porcelain is held in the hand for a long time, the soft shape which enables a pleasant hold plays a crucial part.

The new asymmetrical Purity Specials bowls, on the other hand, create a dynamic eyecatcher while at the same time ensuring an enticing presentation of the dishes. The interplay of the elegant slant facing the guest and the delicate character of Noble China facilitates inviting, modern table settings. The Purity Specials plate captivates with its harmonious combination of simple, purist design and functionality: it can be used in a wide range of settings, stacked to save space and is subtle. Patterns with different natural structures emphasize the pure, formal design of the plate and make extraordinary arrangements possible. The Specials items made from the innovative, fine Noble China material open up exciting possibilities for modern meal presentations and on-trend culinary concepts.

Sandstone: Living structures

Naturalness, individuality and a longing for the original also continue to be important themes. Modern interpretations of natural structures therefore reflect these values and provide the backdrop for current food presentations.

With the Sandstone pattern, BAUSCHER responds in a masterly fashion to this trend and translates it into high-quality professional porcelain. With their muted tone-on-tone effects, the three color nuances from soft beige and subdued gray through to intense anthracite produce a natural stone look, which is created by the alternation of semi-matt surfaces and shiny structures. This is effected individually on each piece. Combinations with other natural materials from the Playground trend range such as slate or wood underscore the rustic, natural character of Sandstone.

Playground: Showcasing current trends

Playground expands the diverse collections by BAUSCHER by combining them with trendy materials. Fresh visual effects and surprising table settings can therefore be created, which continually showcase the attractiveness of BAUSCHER products in new ways – as also demonstrated by the new, exciting products and accessories that were launched in fall 2018.

Environmentally-friendly indulgence with coffee-to-go cups by BAUSCHER

The attractive cups made from high-quality, thick-walled hard porcelain make it possible to enjoy hot drinks in style while on the go, and to have an added environmental value at the same time: The durable material is especially hard-wearing and stores heat extremely well, which means that coffee, tea or hot chocolate retains its ideal drinking temperature for as long as possible. Furthermore, BAUSCHER impresses with its high functionality here too: the unobtrusive silicon sleeve with functional nubs ensures the perfect grip and heat protection. Together with polypropylene lids that include an integrated closure of the drinking opening, it complements the discrete, modern design of the coffee-to-go cup – 3 thus creating a timeless, sustainable companion in everyday life. The lid and the sleeve are available in white and black, so they can be changed to suit, and are dishwasher safe.

All BAUSCHER products comply with the company’s self-imposed sustainability guidelines. Certification to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 verifies this. The collections feature impressive designs, robustness, and “Made in Germany” quality.