Amadeus IT Group – Hotel Technology Solutions for the Global Travel and Tourism Industry. With more than 20 years of experience delivering unlimited distribution capabilities, mission-critical and scalable IT solutions to the world’s biggest travel brands, Amadeus is in a unique position to offer hoteliers an advanced suite of IT and distribution solutions.

Amadeus Hotel Platform, our flagship solution, is a centralised hotel management solution that transforms hoteliers’ IT and distribution capabilities. Built around one comprehensive database, and available as a Software-as-a-Service model, it combines central reservation system, above-property management, call centre, distribution to any channel, e-commerce and business intelligence into one fully integrated platform. It can also interface with Amadeus Revenue Management and any third-party application. What’s more, several core components of Amadeus Hotel Platform are available as standalone solutions:

Hotel central reservation system

Built on open-technology architecture, the Amadeus Hotel Platform – Central Reservation System solution is a central point for unlimited distribution of your hotel rooms and services to all desired channels. Its sophisticated technology has the scalability and flexibility to adapt to new shopping trends and can support the highest volumes of look-to-book ratios and transactions from any channel. You can easily manage and distribute all types of content and enjoy higher flexibility in rate and inventory settings. The e-commerce solutions for web and mobile platforms and the built-in call centre application allow for better service to your guests while increasing booking conversions.

Hotel data administration application

Amadeus Hotel Platform – Content Management is a centrally hosted data administration application that allows hotels to upload, store, manage and distribute textual and multimedia content to both indirect and direct channels, simply and effectively. You can deliver sales-critical information to your target audience in the right place, at the right time, and in the preferred language, thanks to a highly intuitive and flexible user interface that lets you customise your content by channel and market. You can eliminate the risk of discrepancy and maintain content coherency across channels while boosting booking conversion with extensive and relevant commercial content.

Multi-channel distribution solution for hotels

Amadeus Hotel Platform – Channel Hub is a multi-channel distribution solution built with a single interface to connect hotels to online travel agencies, travel websites, metasearch engines and GDSs – more efficiently and cost-effectively. The solution not only allows you to centrally manage which sales partners you wish to work with and how; it also lets you expand your distribution reach creating new audiences and maximise occupancy levels. You can grow your brand on a global scale with minimal effort and investment while enjoying fast deployment of new CRS business functionality across channels.

Multi-criteria hotel search solutions

Channel Hub Plus is a multi-channel distribution solution built with a single interface and search engine technology that facilitates powerful, multi-criteria hotel search. The single interface connects hotel chains to numerous sales channels while advanced data gathering technology protects your CRS from high volume hits and enables it to respond to shopping requests with the most relevant offers. You can expand your distribution reach creating new audiences, grow your brand on a global scale with minimal effort, enjoy fast deployment of new CRS business functionality and power your web and mobile platforms with innovative search capabilities while significantly improving your ‘look-to-book’ ratio.

Hotel revenue management system

Amadeus Hotel Platform – Revenue Management is a state-of-the-art solution that works to fill hotels’ rooms at the most profitable price according to learned demand patterns, enabling hoteliers to transform their business performance by making informed inventory and rate management decisions based on concrete business intelligence. Using advanced forecasting models combined with detailed historical and future booking data, the solution makes intelligent rate and inventory recommendations to maximise hotels’ revenue contribution and increase profitability.





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