Advanced iPad Point of SaleiKentoo – Advanced iPad Point of Sale (POS) System for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. iKentoo is a Swiss iPad-based POS and business management solution for all types of restaurants: hotels, restaurants, food trucks, delis, multi-site chains and franchises, and more. The solution has been built with and for restaurant industry professionals to provide them with a modular POS system they can customize according to their specific needs. From order-taking to accounting, all actions and data are tracked, analyzed and monitored on a secure online platform.

iKentoo POS products

iKentoo has two core products:

  • iKentoo POS, an iOS point of sale app that turns the iPad into a cloud-based POS solution, and the iPod touch into a remote for tableside ordering.
  • iKentoo Back-Office, a secure online platform that allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to manage their establishment in real time.

iKentoo has two additional free iOS applications: iKentoo Stock, a real-time stock and inventory management app, and iKentoo Live, which offers a real-time overview of the establishment’s KPIs and performance on the go. In addition, iKentoo offers a Kitchen Display System to facilitate order production in the kitchen or behind the bar.

Hotel Integrations

To serve our hotel clients’ needs, iKentoo has developed software integrations between the point of sale system and a number of Property Management Systems (PMS). These allow hoteliers to deploy iKentoo in their in-house restaurants or bars, all while centralizing their financial data in their PMS. Currently iKentoo is integrated with Mews Systems, Protel, OPERA (in progress, expected Spring 2018) Misterbooking, Hotsoft, and Base7Booking. In addition, we have a wide range of other integrations available, from accounting suites to advanced loyalty programs to payment terminals. The system’s proprietary API allows third party solutions to connect seamlessly to iKentoo and add all kinds of new customized functionalities.

Client References

… over 3500 clients …. 

… In the U.K., our clients include the Good Hotel London, the Friska Group, Yuu Kitchen and Maggie and Rose. …

…In Switzerland, iKentoo equips a number of prestigious hotels including the Crans Ambassador and Hotel Chertzeron, the 90+ Pouly bakeries…

 … to thousands of independent restaurateurs and hoteliers. 

Business Model

iKentoo’s business model differs from that of traditional POS providers, by offering a monthly or annual subscription and off-the-shelf hardware. The prices of the subscriptions are publicly available online and allow every restaurateur, no matter their budget, to have a high-performance POS and business management solution. Every subscription includes all features, updates, new versions and unlimited technical support.



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