Teflon™ Profile – Nonstick Coating Products. Introducing Teflon™ Profile makes a difference, enabled by our new Skin Technology. Market research confirms consumers place particular value ontheir cookware looking undamaged and good for a long time.

• Designed for the Professional
• Significantly improved abrasion resistance, looks good longer
• Long-lasting nonstick performance
• Best scratch resistance technology, permits the use of metal utensils
• Excellent durability

Skin Technology – the innovative layer design with armour

The secret to the extraordinary resistance and durability of Teflon™ Profile is in the detail: the topcoat and midcoat contain unique use of materials that provide special protection. As a result, our new Skin Technology, based on nature’s example, heralds in a totally newera in cookware coating.

Provides armour: midcoat with silicon carbide (SiC) particle formations

SiC particles are found in nature, for example in meteorite rock, which is well-known for its tremendous strength. Based on this natural role model, we use such chemically synthesized particles and achieved a result in terms of hardness that is almost equal to that when using diamonds. The SiC particles aggregate into little formations in the new Teflon™ Profile midcoat through chemical processes, resulting in an innovative surface texture. This texture that you can actually feel not only gives our new nonstick coating its unique look, but also opens up a new dimension in scratch resistance.

Provides the Lotus-Effect®: topcoat with a specialty high performance polymer

Our specialty high performance polymer in this coating is a further development of the established material polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This polymer is distinguished by its extremely long-lasting nonstick properties and barrier functions. It has been impressing the professional sector, for example on baking trays, for quite some time already. This successful technology is now available on cookware.

Teflon™ Profile shows its colours!

Nature showed us how it’s done by proudly showing off its varied range of colours in the plant and animal kingdom. So why not in the kitchen too? Market research shows that colour is important to consumers. The group discussions as part of the Teflon™ colour research revealed that those surveyed like to add colour accents to their kitchens and therefore prefer coloured cookware.



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