CHARGit smart wireless charging technology

CHARGit smart wireless charging technology

CHARGit smart wireless charging technology. The hospitality sector is becoming more and more about enhancing the client experience and these expectations continue to evolve not just with service and location but also by providing the latest innovative technology. CHARGit recognises that in our busy modern lives we rely on our portable devices more and more; poor battery performance creates stress & anxiety that does not need to exist.

CHARGit was set up as a solution to the everincreasing battery anxiety in millions of smart tech users. The founders naturally aligned as they pooled together their decades of experience not only in technology but also in high-end retail & hospitality fit outs. They saw a need to find a solution to this problem by creating a wireless charging infrastructure.

Our units are manufactured in Europe, come with a 24 month warranty and comply with all the regulatory safety standards including Qi, the official wireless charging standard. Without Qi certification devices are at risk of overheating, not being compatible and being unsafe. Our hubs deliver fast charging to Qi-compatible devices, including the latest iPhones, Samsung, LG, Siemens, and many other manufacturers. Smartphones are just the start for wireless charging – tablets will be available soon and the major PC manufacturers are developing devices that will also be provisioned with wireless charging technology.

CHARGhub Features:

  • Fast Wireless Mobile Charging
  • Qi Certified Product
  • Can be installed invisible or visible
  • Can be fully branded with our partner’s logo
  • Software for data analytics & push notifications
  • Full Warranty
  • Mass Deployment
  • Bespoke Design into furniture

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