Dark, Dramatic and Tactile; New Stonecast Raw from Churchill

Dark, Dramatic and Tactile; New Stonecast Raw from Churchill

Inspired by earthy materials and stripped back industrial designs, Raw is the latest addition to Churchill’s popular Stonecast collection.


The dark organic tones of Stonecast Raw pair with the semi-matte Vellum glaze for a muted and tactile finish. Decorated under-glaze for added durability, Raw features a hand applied rustic edge band that makes each piece charming and unique.

Launching in 2 key colours, Black and Brown, available across core rounds and feature piece triangles and oblongs, Stonecast Raw is the perfect canvas for premium food presentation. The natural tones effortlessly contrast with fresh ingredients to emphasise their flavour, complementing healthy dishes and modern food styles such as Asian fusions and fine dining.

Manufactured in the UK, Raw has all the performance attributes required for professional service. The innovative semi-matte glaze is specially formulated to meet key British, European and global standards for the hospitality industry, ensuring food safety.

For more information or to see the full range, visit the Churchill website www.churchill1795.com or follow our Instagram feed @churchill_1795 for the latest product news. For any enquiries, contact: hotels@churchill1795.com .