Egalsoft® underlay: over 20 million m² processed!

Egalsoft® underlay: over 20 million m² processed!
Egalsoft® underlay: over 20 million m² processed! . Since 1993, millions of square metres of Egalsoft® underlay have been used hassle free – over 20 million square metres!
The benefits of Egalsoft® are clear when you lay it. The self-adhesive non-slip bottom layer saves litres of glue, and saves on your completion time as it saves you some work. You can do more metres in less time! Removing is also quick and easy. On removal, the carpet takes up the Egalsoft® in one movement. Various appealing, leading projects, including hotels, ships and casinos, both here and abroad, were fitted with Egalsoft®. 

Egalsoft® is a unique self-adhesive underlay, allowing for sustainable and convenient application. The top layer consists of a PES non-woven fleece on an impregnated needle felt for a stable base when applying the glue. The equalising bottom layer has a self-adhesive non-slip glue finish. Egalsoft® is suitable for residential and project applications. For heavy-use applications, please lay Egalsoft® on non-slip glue.

  • Absorbing system without damaging the base floor
  • Very good equalisation
  • high absorb-and-bounce capacity
  • increases the comfort and the sumptuous feel
  • extends service life of the carpet
  • also available in fire-retardant quality, Euroclass Bfl-S1 and ASTM Class 1

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Egalsoft underlay Egalsoft underlay