EPOS, Cashless Payments & APPs Technology set to Revolutionise Hotel F&B Market Beer Sales

EPOS, Cashless Payments & APPs Technology set to Revolutionise Hotel F&B Market Beer Sales

EPOS, Cashless Payments & APPs Technology set to Revolutionise Hotel F&B Market Beer Sales. Following a successful Hotelympia, Drink Command, the global leader in ‘self pour’ beer systems is seeing a real step change in the way the hotel market sells beer to its customers with EPOS technology, Cashless and APPs providing the technological platform.

The concept of ‘self serve’ or ‘self pour beer’ may have previously been everyone’s dream, however, with advances in technology from Drink Command, it is not only a reality, it is fast taking over from conventional bar sales and operators love it!

Taking the service element out of the equation has only been possible thanks to the development of a really easy to use customer interface; behind which sits a highly sophisticated technical delivery solution that controls both the physical condition of the beer and the precise volumes served.

“You walk into a bar wanting a drink, and can now pick up your own glass, pour your own beer, and when you need another, pour the next one. No queuing, no more standing five deep at the bar, no more missing your turn, and all the time you are enjoying a new and unique customer experience,” reports Kevin Power from Drink Command. “Advances in drink delivery technology are shaping the way operators increase satisfaction to their customers and we are happy to be leading the charge.”

The whole food and beverage experience is changing as operators draw upon technical innovation to heighten the overall customer experience. The Drink Command ‘self pour’ system uses mobile EPOS at the point where the beer is poured. The customer uses either an RFID wrist band or card which is pre-loaded with a monetary credit, paid for at a standalone till and is then ready to ‘self pour’ until the credit needs topping up.

The advanced Drink Command software makes it possible for the customer to always pour a perfect pint; for that pint to be 3°C regardless of the climate or ambient temperature of the barrel; for the beer pump to remember if the customer does not complete a full drink pouring cycle; for the beer tap to cut off when a pint or half pint is poured, minimising waste; and to maintain a running total of what has been served.

Drink Command, using the latest software trends and its own ‘in house’ technical teams, has developed the smart technology that allows the customer to pour their own pint without a cash transaction. It is just this type of bespoke application that venues and operators are seeking to adopt to make the overall experience more enjoyable whilst providing a more streamlined and profitable operation.

Cashless payment at the point of delivery ensures that ‘touch points’ where the customer needs to interact with a bar-person and an open cash register are minimised, saving time, reducing the need for staff, whilst creating a more secure payment system.  An average customer at a venue buying drinks and spending £50 over a period of time will return to the bar on several occasions. The ‘touch points’ will therefore be the delivery of the beverage as well as the number of times the cash register is:  1) Opened to accept cash and deliver change. 2) Credit card terminals are used to take card payments. 3) A server pours the drink.

Using a pre-charged RFID card with a monetary credit of £50 and a self pour system means there is only one financial transaction, followed by a number of self serve beverage pouring. This streamlines the whole operation, making the payment transaction more secure whilst reducing staff levels and has the capacity to serve more beverages.

Whilst operators will have their own preferences when it comes to features, the Drink Command standard characteristics include:

  • ·        The ability to introduce a cashless payment option.
  • ·        The ability to pour more beverages in a shorter space of time.
  • ·        Flexibility of service.
  • ·        Less frustration from a consumer’s perspective.
  • ·        To use smart phone technology where operators can monitor beer sales and refill requirements over multiple sites in multiple locations via their own mobile phone through a Drink Command App.

The last point is one of the smartest. The App developed by Drink Command gives the operator the ability to monitor sales and delivery of beverages across multiple bars within a venue and understand where new beer kegs may be required, long before they run out. If you are running a major event you wouldn’t want to run out at a critical time. A good example would be one or more of the bars at a major sports stadia running dry just before half time of an international match!


EPOS, Cashless Payments & APPs Technology set to Revolutionise Hotel F&B Market Beer Sales