At D Chadha Consulting Ltd, we provide hospitality solutions to leading hotel groups and partners globally to ensure extraordinary customer satisfaction in the quality, design, and supply of our products. We are trusted by business leaders looking for advanced solutions to help them through the challenges of business improvement. From quoting to choosing the best product for your budget and project, your needs are valuable to us. D Chadha Consulting Ltd was formed to expand our portfolio with leading hospitality international brands.


Your convenience is our priorit

We have a variety of categories to suit any property with top-of-the-line beauty and functionality. We now provide Hotel TVs, Lighting, Carpets, Bathroom Accessories, Furniture, Hotel Amenities, Hotel Phones, Alarm Clocks, Bluetooth Speakers, Radios, Art, Safes and Minibars, Wireless Charging Solutions, Power and Data Charging Solutions, Mobile Access Solutions, and Hospitality PPE.

Hospitality Partner Brand

We offer a portfolio of brands that bring value through our quality products and outstanding service. Our hospitality partners include demista, Homtime, Dampf, Siemlus, iHome, TeleKonek, Oliver Hemming, Roberts, Soundfreaq, Nonstop, Fridgestop, Tsar, Gart, Italamp, Wireworks, WingMei Lighting, CupTea, My Menu and more. We help these brands break into new international markets and that’s where our specialty is. We are always looking to constantly bring in companies to support and promote so if you’re interested, please reach out to us. 

Our Vision

As a business that sells a number of hotel and restaurant solutions, our vision is to play a vital role in customer support by making sure that our clients’ needs are met, and that is our brand’s promise to its customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with hotels and other businesses and offer products that will not only meet their budget, but products that will upgrade their interiors and resonate with their guests.

Latest Event

At the 2nd Virtual Hotel Technology Summit in May, don’t miss Dheeraj Chadha, the owner and Business Development Director, to discuss the solutions that will enhance the guest experience while generating business revenue.

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