In Room Technology SolutionsIn Room Technology Solutions and providing solutions to maximize our clients’ return on investment. At D Chadha Consulting Ltd, we provide hospitality solutions to leading hotel groups and partners globally to ensure extraordinary customer satisfaction in the quality, design, and supply of our products.

D Chadha Consulting Ltd is trusted by business leaders looking for advanced solutions to help them through the challenges of business improvement by supporting and offering hospitality consultancy to companies that serve SMEs worldwide.

D Chadha Consulting Ltd was formed to expand our portfolio with leading hospitality international brands.

Hospitality Consultancy

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation regarding in-room guest solutions to the hospitality industry. We also distribute a variety of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure your success. With over 20 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on great customer service.

We bring expertise and knowledge to a specific project for a specific time or on an ongoing basis for a specific task.

Our team of hospitality professionals have remarkable firsthand experience in providing a practical solution to our clientele. From quoting to choosing the best product for your budget and project, your needs are valuable to us.

Hospitality Partner Brands

We offer a portfolio of brands that bring value through our quality products and outstanding service. Our brands include DemistaTM, Nonstop®, iHome, Dampf, Siemlus, Re-Charge, Power-Cat, Homtime, Roberts Radios, and Oliver Hemming.

We help these brands break into new international markets and that’s where our specialty is. We are always looking to constantly bring in companies to support and promote so if you’re interested, please get in touch with us. 

In-Room Guest Technology Solutions for Hotels

Our products range from quality mirror heating pads for the bathrooms, hotel and guest-friendly alarm clocks and charging solutions through wireless and USB, Bluetooth speakers, hotel analogue and VoIP phones, and radios. Our suitable solutions will provide your guests a convenient stay, making sure their experience is as good as it could possibly be.

Alarm Clocks in Guestrooms and Wireless Charging in Public Spaces

We have an extensive range of hotel alarm clocks with the hotel’s convenience and your guest’s well-being in mind. Easy to use and secure, our models are compact and elegant on the nightstand. Our solutions boast wide-ranging features such as single or dual alarms, USB ports and wireless pads for smart phone charging, Bluetooth to play the guest’s favorite music, dimmable displays, self-charging backup and tamperproof settings.

In the advent of smartphone charging, the technology industry has always been a step ahead, putting its best foot forward in terms of convenience.  Our solar-powered waterproof wireless charger can be used in public spaces, hotel restaurants, and the poolside. While our patented Power-Over-Ethernet Qi wireless pads ease the need for mains power by delivering the voltage directly over the network cable and removing the unnecessary energy consumption of being in Stand-by.

Steam-free Bathroom Mirrors and Bluetooth Audio

Around the world, the hotels want products that are proven to last, and they expect the products to last 10 years as that is the average refurbishment of a bathroom. We bring you DemistaTM, the company that originally brought mirror heat pads to the market over 30 years ago. It has a proven track record of being specified in hotel developments globally. Manufactured in the UK and approved to international standards, the unique technology ensures DemistaTM is the brand of choice for architects and interior designers across the globe and in a number of market sectors including hospitality, housing, marine, commercial, leisure, and DIY. Our pads are of high quality compared to the copied ones. They are effective in a real bathroom or shower room environment. The pads come in various sizes and are guaranteed for 10 years and manufactured to our standards.

Our Dampf Bluetooth Audio is a favorite in-room amenity by travel guests worldwide. Your guests will enjoy top-quality sound in their hotel room. Engineered in The Netherlands, Dampf technology is hotel-proof that is easy to install, requires zero maintenance, and easy to pair. 




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