Future of Restaurant OrderingMy Menu is an all-in-one digital menu platform, which increases your sales by 30 to 40%. This digital menu helps your restaurant to up its game, increase efficiency and improve your customer service experience before the BIG RE-OPENING. My Menu provides a digital platform for restaurants, bars and clubs to take contactless orders and accept payments, making menus more accessible and restaurants becoming COVID-19 compliant overnight. Its innovative technology allows for much needed upselling at the point of ordering and helps increase the average order value helping the hospitality industry make way in recouping its losses due to the pandemic.

The Problem – Pre COVID

The Hospitality Industry has one of the highest staff turnover rates compared to any other industry! Stands at 75%! With 75% of our colleagues leaving us in the very first year, this creates many challenges for the F&B industry.

  • We are dependent on our service staff to upsell and increase our Avg Check Value.
  • The need to constantly keep training new staff

Maintain consistency in food and service

The Problem – Post COVID

The single most reusable item in the restaurant is the menu. And the virus can survive on surfaces, for a few days depending on the material. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sanitize a printed menu after every use. Using the printed menus puts our staff and guests at risk. Also the ‘new normal’ requires the restaurant business to be more dynamic. Availability of ingredients or resources is a constant challenge because of which our restaurant menu keeps changing more often.

The Solution – MY MENU

All-in-one self-managed menu platform which focuses on increasing the average check value while keeping the staff & guests safe. If implemented correctly My Menu has proven to increase the average check value by 30%!

My Menu is currently running in 3000+ restaurants 300+ hotels across 36 countries. It is a corporate standard with Accor hotels and a preferred solution with Marriott hotels.

How Can It Help You?
  • Showcase: Your menu in the form of food videos or photos.
  • Control: Customise your menu according to your branding. Make any changes you wish at anytime.
  • Analyse: Menu analytics help you analyse your sales and cost, so you understand your bottom line.
  • Customers: Get to know your guests, so you can find out who your repeat customers are.
  • Upsell: Recommended dishes and beverages that complement each other.
  • Multi-lingual Menu
  • Fluid User Experience
  • Commission Free Direct Ordering
  • Free Integration with Popular POS Systems
  • Accept Payments Through Popular Payment Gateways
  • Collect Guest Feedback
  • Enable Social Login
  • Direct Integration with Mailchimp
Here’s what HARD ROCK CAFÉ say about My Menu

“Love All, Serve All”

“At Hard Rock, we’ve lived by this motto for nearly 50 years.  And right now, it’s more important than ever to us when it comes to keeping you safe. That’s why we are going out of our way to ensure that your visit to Hard Rock Cafe is as safe (and enjoyable) as we can possibly make it.

Part of these measures is teaming up with My Menu to ensure that all of our menus are now digital – simply scan the QR code on your table and read the menu on your personal device.  It’s easy and safe and our team of young, digitally minded, socially distanced servers are on hand to answer any queries you may have, to ensure your table is clean enough to eat off, and to offer a friendly squirt of sanitizer if you want it.  Stay safe and sound.

After all, tattoos don’t wash off – but germs do!”


Nada Hayati | General Manager | Hard Rock Cafe


Get An Insight Of How Your Menu Can Look

These are just a few of the menus which have been created using My Menu, for restaurant’s around the world. To view them via desktop/laptop all you need to do is hover over the QR codes you see below with your mobile phone camera and it will open up the menus for you.







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My Menu increases your average sale value by showcasing beautiful pictures and videos of your food. It also provides COVID safe self-ordering. Join Dheeraj Chadha, Director of My Menu UK for a live free webinar to talk about My Menu and How To Bounce Back Your Restaurant & Thrive. Together with Asari St. Hill, Business Coach & Trainer, they will share digital and non-digital strategies to grow your profits on Monday, 7th June at 10 AM (GMT+1).

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