Nexxia Designs Ltd – Hotel Media Wall Plates, Hotel Guest Connectivity, Hotel Media Hub Wall Plates. A new range of Hotel Media Hub Wall plates developed exclusively for high end 5 Star luxury Hotel suites giving great solutions for Hotel Guest Connectivity. These Hotel Media wall plates are similar in style to Teleadapt Media Hubs and include a range of wall plates that will connect direct to the in room TV and provide the client with all the connections they require. They are designed for ease of installation with everything being quick and easy to connect, and provide a strong reliable solution. Wall plates include connections such as UK and Euro power sockets, USB Charging points, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, VGA, Audio Video phono connections suitable for running iphone video, and USB feed to TV. USB charging points are all BS approved and suitable for charging most mobile devices. We are an experienced company in manufacturing Hotel wall plates for a number of high end Hotel clients.

Our Background

When our company was first established in 1999, we were involved in designing household Speaker systems which we then transferred into designing sub boxes for ourselves. At this time we also became involved in the retail supply of audio accessories at competitive prices for our customers. Nexxia realised an opportunity for building a web site that was dedicated to accessories and giving the customer all the information required to purchase the correct parts.
Since then we have served many customers and continue with the same philosophy of ensuring it is as easy as possible for our customers to find the correct items they require, and can see clear pictures of the items available.


Since our beginning, we have learned from customer feedback about the demand for various products, and developed a large range of our own manufactured products such as the Dolby wall plates, Chrome range of Wall plates and the HDMI wall plates. We continue to listen to customer feed back about required products and will strive to continue our product development. The popular Wall plate range will continue to grow, and all other sections of the website continue to evolve for the demands of latest technology in the Audio World.

What People Say.

Many of our customers are very happy with the quality of the service we provide and the components they receive and many say how much they like the web site. This is important to us and appreciate all our customers feed back.

Our Philosophy

Nexxia Designs Limited is a small company that believes in three things.

  • Making it as easy as possible for people to find what they require.
  • Providing a quality item to its customers which is competitively priced.
  • Staying efficient so that the customer receives good service.

If at any stage you require something that is not on this Web Site, please get in touch as we will always try and help. Thank you for your time looking though this site.



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