Selectaglaze Ltd – Hotel Soundproof Windows, Hotel Insulating Windows, Hotel Secondary Glazing. Selectaglaze Ltd is acknowledged as the UK’s leading specialist in secondary glazing with a wealth of experience working within the Hotel and Leisure Industry. Established in 1966 and granted a Royal Warrant in 2004 Selectaglaze design, manufacture and install their own bespoke solutions. All city centre hotels face the challenge of noise ingress. Secondary glazing can achieve high levels of noise insulation and thermal enhancement, providing guests with increased comfort and safety.

A Peaceful Night’s Sleep: Noise Reduction, Thermal Retention & Security Benefits

Hotel Soundproofing Windows

Many hotels, particularly those located in inner city areas’, suffer from noise ingress from the combined forces of traffic, aircraft, noisy pubs and general street noise. These external disturbances can result in poor concentration and raised stress levels for the unfortunate occupants.  As city life continues 24/7, sound proofing of the building will need to be addressed before the promise of a peaceful night sleep can be offered or even delivered.

Sound transmits through glass by direct vibration.  By introducing secondary glazing behind the primary window (room side), a cavity is created. This gap reduces the resonance and provides a second barrier to noise penetration.  A minimum gap of 100mm is recommended.  Our technical advisors will be able to recommend the optimal solution to suit your individual needs.

Introducing secondary glazing can result in a dramatic reduction in noise pollution.  A quiet environment creates a pleasant restful ambiance, which in turn contributes to a peaceful nights’ sleep.

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Hotel Insulating Windows

Secondary glazing is an excellent method for insulating windows. A well-insulated building allows for good temperature control. A comfortable stay requires a pleasant ambient temperature to be maintained. In addition, the insulation will minimise any annoying draughts from leaky primary windows adding to the improved comfort of your interior.

The secondary window unit comprises of a fully independent high performing sealed frame which traps an insulating layer of air. This cuts heat loss by 40 – 50% and if Low-E glass is used within the unit this reduction can increase up to 60%. Our units’ will increase the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of your building.

Heritage Hotels

Many new hotels are created from existing older properties.  According to English Heritage there are approximately 374,081 buildings in the UK together with 9,080 conservation areas. Generally you find that older properties are single glazed, resulting in thermal inefficiency, draughts and poor sound insulation. For properties within conservation areas and Listed buildings replacing these windows is generally not permitted. As the window units are independent of the primary window and their application is a fully reversible adaptation, secondary glazing is generally accepted by Heritage Agencies.

Careful thought to the design of secondary glazing units ensures that the original aesthetics of an older building are retained. All shapes of window can be treated and frames can be coloured and finished in surfaces sympathetic to the building.  Flush designs of hinges and locks and careful attention to sight lines result in unobtrusive applications.

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Secure Environments

Hotels need to provide a safe and secure environment.  Our security products comply with a range of industry standards including PAS 24:2012.  Secured by Design is an accreditation scheme created as a crime prevention initiative by the ‘Association of Chief Police Officers’.

Additional security levels can be achieved by the combination of specialist glass, frames and locks, which will protect your assets and guests against physical attack, bomb blast and offers ballistic defence.   The products meeting this high level of security have been tested to LPS1175.

We are highly experienced in designing a specification to meet the need – with solutions ranging from low through to high risk installations. This can be achieved whilst maintaining the original look of the window.

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