The Simba Hybrid® LineOur mission at Simba is to reinvent our customer’s night sleep, utilizing pioneering sleep technology and research innovation. We combine the support of 2,500 pocket springs with the comfort of memory foam, our Simba Hybrid® mattress is scientifically engineered to give anyone the perfect night’s sleep. The Simba Hybrid® is the most-reviewed mattress-in-a-box in Europe, with over 35,000 five-star ratings, with over 100,000 happy customers in the UK alone.

Greater than the sum of It’s parts, consisting of state of the art components

Our mattress provides five luxurious layers designed to fit you and help you get the quality of sleep you’ve been dreaming of:

  1. Our first layer, the Sleep Surface, provides a hypoallergenic air flow that grants freshness and temperature control.
  1. Our second layer consists of the ultra-comforting Simbatex, which gives a cool, gentle support zone.
  1. 2,500 Conical Pocket Springs make up our third layer, individually adjusting both horizontally and vertically to best suit you, no matter how you sleep.
  1. Visco Memory Foam, our fourth layer, moulds and shapes expertly to your body, tailoring the mattress specifically for you.
  1. Our support base, which makes up the final layer, has Seven different zones that ensure the perfect night’s sleep.

Simba Hybrid® Duvet with OUTLAST®

OUTLAST® is a ‘phase change’ material, which means it actively responds to the temperature outside. When you’re too warm it absorbs heat to cool you down. If you get cold it releases heat to warm you up. It also has an official Space Certified Technology seal of approval. Basically it’s pretty cool.

Duck down and feathers have been used in the best bedding for years, and 

what we’ve learnt is the cosiest, most breathable and comfortable combination is 90% down and 10% feathers. So that’s what we’ve used.

Our Hybrid Duvet is made with the care and attention we hope you’ve come to expect from all Simba products. That includes making it with 300 thread-count cotton that’s incredibly soft to touch and yet really long lasting.

Simba Hybrid® Pillow with OUTLAST®

Developed for NASA, OUTLAST® technology ensures you’re never too hot or cold.

Adjust the height and firmness of your pillow by adding or removing our responsive Nanotubes filling.

Each Nanotube adapts to your sleeping position, supporting the complex structures of the head, neck, and spine.

Originally developed for space exploration, OUTLAST® proactively regulates your body temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat. The Simba Hybrid® Pillow ensures optimal comfort throughout the night, all year round.





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