Bespoke Hotel Artwork ServicesSpires Art – Bespoke Hotel Artwork Services. Established in 1988, Omagh based Spires Art has had continued success in the art industry. Our company offers a combination of experience, knowledge & quality service. Spires Art have become a leading light in the art industries in not only Northern Ireland, but internationally too!

We specialises in designing and providing a broad range of Hotel Artwork Consultants for both Retailers and Bespoke Hotel Artwork Services For Businesses. From unique Glass Art through to prints, mounted prints and artwork, framed artwork, glass sculptures, way-finding art signage and bespoke wall coverings. Our service covers design, development and installation, although we also offer a supply only service where appropriate. Why not have a look at all the services we offer to see what we can do for your business. Contact us with your query. Furthermore our new and improved website now offers our customers the opportunity to buy art online from our Retail Range.

Art As Integral To Hotel Design

Having the right, strategically chosen art in a hotel can differentiate the property and give it a unique identity. As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly competitive, hoteliers now recognize the need for individuality. At Spires Art we recognize this need as well. Which is why we believe our Hotel Artwork Consultants has the power to help your hotel realize its full potential. Art has an increasingly significant role to play in defining and promoting the identity of a hotel. Used correctly and creatively, art can become a distinguishing feature. Marking out your hotel from the others and strengthening your hotels position within the hospitality market.

Art & Design

We work closely with the hotel designers to assist them in using art to create distinctive spaces which will appeal to an ever more sophisticated clientele. Our team works in partnership throughout the design process to ensure all artwork compliments its surroundings, from selecting the perfect set of pictures to create a relaxing bedroom to designing and creating a bespoke sculpture intended to immediately capture your clientele’s attention the moment they enter your foyer.  The design process is key in combining a number of different inspirations and concepts to create a unique and appealing collection of art.

Spires Art Mission

Spires Art’s mission is to work with hotels to create collections which will not only enhance their interiors but will also engage and resonate with their clients. First impressions matter therefore we aim to create artwork that will make an impression with your clientele from the instant it strikes their attention.

Spires Art Clients

Our approach to advising clients on their artwork is based on identifying their individual needs recognizing that each project is unique. We believe that a hotel art collection should function on a number of levels, reflecting the hotels design & location as well as being sympathetic to its surroundings.

Spires Art Service

We provide a personal, professional and objective viewpoint in helping build a hotels collection. We assist in every aspect of sourcing and manage the entire project through to installation. Our service includes assisting hoteliers through all aspects of creating a collection of artwork from the initial design and sourcing of art all the way through the manufacturing and installation of the collection.

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