OTA Payments – Automatic Hotel Payment Processing

OTA Payments – Automatic Hotel Payment Processing

Automatic Hotel Payment Processing

For OTA and website bookings, supports Secure Card Storage, Verify, Pre-Auth, Deposit, Payment Up-Front, Percentage Payments and more. All processes are fully PCI DSS Compliant and removes 90% of your PCI compliance burden.

Card Vault

Customer Cardholder Data is securely locked and stored in our Vault. PCI Compliant processes are in place for you to access the card details in a safe manner.

Fraud Prevention

Carrying out verification and risk analysis on each transaction, reducing charge-backs on fraudulently presented cards and help you see an increase in cash-flow.

Automated Collection of Failed Card Payments

Say goodbye to manually chasing payments for declined cards, the OTA Payments system will automatically chase for failed payments.

Cloud Based – No Install Required

The OTA Payments system does not require any installation on your machines making it simple with no technology requirements apart from a web browser.

Plug-in available for your PMS or Channel Manager

No install required. It can seamlessly fit in between your existing PMS or Channel Manager as a plug-in. It can also run standalone as a cloud based solution.